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Fayetteville, NC (store 38)

I experienced a catastrophic problem with my car on Friday afternoon, 20 July 2012, and after calling numerous repair facilities, the only shop willing to see me was your shop on Skibo Road in Fayetteville. I have never had to deal with this kind of problem before and I was very upset. My closest family is five hours away so they were not going to be of timely help. The managers at Skibo Road assisted me in getting to the shop, did a thorough diagnostic on my car and test drove it but were unable to locate or duplicate the problem. While driving home, the problem reoccurred, but I called the shop and
both Craig Lancaster and Wes Talbott reassured me and set up an appointment for the following morning.

On Saturday, the problem reoccurred and I was unable to turn the car on. Wes came out personally and escorted me back to the shop where the mechanics discovered the problem, gave me ...

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Great Service & Fast Turnaround (BTS #24)

Just a quick email to thank you for the great service and FAST turnaround. As my older parents were stuck on the side of the road I cannot tell you how much better I felt knowing that you dispatched your service truck so quickly!. Mom and Dad said your tech (David?) was very professional and hard working! Mom and Dad said that the sky was growing dark and a storm was coming up fast! David kicked it into overdrive and got the tire on before the monsoon and had my parents back on the road in no time ! They were very impressed with him!


Thanks So much for the great service !




Nate Tallarino III CIC,CRM 

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Old Fashion Customer Service

Good Morning Ryan,
My name is Stephen Humphrey, and I have been a customer of Blacks ever since you hired Chris Gaskins. I am old-fashioned in the fact that I like to look people in the eye and shake there hand before I trust them and spend my money. I do not have to look Blacks tire in the eye any longer, I know they will take care of me and my family. Just after thanksgiving my daughter was in Wilmington and her car blew a head gasket, after talking with Chris I knew it would not be a good idea to try to drive it back to New Bern, so Chris called around wilmington to see which store was still open and directed us to that store. When my daughter pulled in they were expecting her and took care of her. The next working day a young man named Jason called me to let me know for sure what was wrong, when it would be ready and how much it would cost. It ready on time and the charge did not change, and the work was done very well.
In this day of poor ...
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Superior Customer Service

I just wanted to write you to inform you of the superior customer service I received at one of your shops today.

I was in Wilmington this afternoon and I needed a set of four new tires and an alignment. I also had over 50,000 miles on my current set, so I was definitely due.

I walked into your store on Market Street, and spoke with a sales representative to obtain a quote. I didn't catch his name, but I believe it started with a "J" (Justin maybe?)...blonde hair....extremely nice. He walked outside and checked my tires for the size, and noted that there had been a cut in my tire that I was not aware of (I had hit a pothole yesterday and the hubcap sliced into the tire without perforating the tire wall). Anyways, he showed it to me and we returned to the store to check prices. Unfortunately, he only had one set of tires in stock in the size I needed, and could not find any others in either the warehouse or another local store that he could put o ...

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Fayetteville, NC (store 30)

A great company for all your automotive needs. We purchase all our tires for our three vehicles here. They keep our cars running well and inspections up to date. Mr. Noble, the owner, is friendly and knowledgeable. Tommy, the manager here at Ramsey Street is great to help with anything or problem with your car.

Josh H.

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