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Winter's Here...Are You Ready with Winter Tires?

You know that we can get some serious winter weather here in North Carolina, even if only for a short time. Are your tires up to the job, if we get a few inches of Winter Tires in Raleigh NCsnow on the ground?

If they’re all-season tires, the answer to that is probably “no.” All-season tires are a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. They offer low noise, good road manners, handling and ride quality and good traction on dry or wet pavement. Unfortunately, once the snow flies and piles up, all-season tires tend to lose their composure.

Ever considered a set of winter tires?

Winter tires are a far cry from the heavy, noisy, clumsy “snow tires” that were on your dad’s Buick station wagon in the 70s. Today’s winter tires rival the best all-season and passenger tires in ter ...

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