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Raleigh, NC (Store 35)

Dear Black’s Tire team,


I don’t even know how I can thank you for the incredible customer service you provided me today.

I have taken my car to numerous (and I mean numerous) auto repair shops up and down the east coast since my car would break down here, there and everywhere, and no service shop that I’ve been to even compares with your team.

Even though it turns out that my car is dying and it would be cheaper to purchase a “new” used car versus getting my current car repaired, at least I got an honest answer and wasn’t what I like to call “swindled” like I usually am at other auto shops – not to stereotype myself, but it seems like a young blond woman like myself can be easily ripped off at auto repair shops since it’s obviously I don’t know jack about cars.

But I didn’t have to worry about that with you. Other shops have diagnosed my car’s ...

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Apex, NC (store 39)

I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Jason at the Apex location. Jason went above and beyond the call of duty not only of his job, but as a fellow citizen yesterday morning. As peculiar as it sounds, Jason assisted me in extracting a terrified kitten from inside the dashboard of my car.

When I pulled up to Black’s Tire yesterday, I was fully expecting to be turned away or for the situation not to be taken seriously. But to my amazement, Jason not only agreed to help me, but pulled out all the stops to help rescue this little guy… who is now on his way to finding a new home!

I was sincerely impressed by Jason’s determination and sensitivity to the situation. Again, his actions were not only a superb demonstration of customer service, but a generous act of community service as well.

I will defintely consider Black’s Tire for my family’s future tire and auto service needs. Also, the tale of Jason&r ...

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