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Retiring after 25 years with Black’s Tire

by: Willie Whitewall


SHALLOTTE—Fifteen years ago a man drove from Tabor City to Shallotte to help a company store for the day.

Fifteen years later, Arnold Ward celebrated his last day of work at Shallotte Black’s Tire and Auto Service. Ward, the store manager for 14 years, retired after 25 years with the company. At the time he came to Shallotte, he was employed at the company’s Myrtle Beach, S.C., store.

“The first day was really hectic,” Ward said. “I just came down here to work on the front-end machine and I started working on cars. I worked at the Myrtle Beach store on Third Avenue at the time. I never went back. I have been here 15 years. I had no idea I was going to stay.”

Ward says all of his memories of working at Black’s Tire and Auto Service are good ones, and there are just too many to pick a favorite.

“All of it has been good. It is a good com ...

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Raleigh, NC (store 35)

My name is Laura K. and I brought my Toyota Rav4 by way of tow truck on Tuesday, January 19th due to a perfuse oil leakage. I would like to commend Black’s Tire on their excellent customer service, especially by Jerry Culbreth. The problem was thought to be something to do with the crankshaft housing (I think this is what was told to me) anyway; Mr. Culbreth went out of his way to check on recalls and warranty of this part for Toyota, found it was, called a tow truck for me and even called Toyota to discuss the issue. He made the experience a lot better and I felt I was in good hands. The problem ended up being VVT-I tube breaking and leaking and it was indeed a recall by Toyota and they fixed it at no charge to me. Thank you Black’s Tire and especially Jerry Culbreth for going out of your way to help me and to make this experience a lot easier.


Laura K.

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North Myrtle Beach, SC (store 7)

Mayor Marilyn Hatley

City of North Myrtle Beach City Hall

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

Dear Mayor Hatley,

I am sure you are very busy cleaning up after the devastating fires that occurred in North Myrtle Beach. However, I thought it was appropriate to bring to your attention an act of kindness and assistance afforded to me and my wife during our recent visit to your City.

My wife, Christine, and I drove from our home, here in West Palm Beach, Florida, to vacation in North Myrtle Beach. On our way to North Myrtle Beach, we encountered problems with our Tire and Rim, so you can imagine our frustration. The tire and rim are specialty items and somewhat difficult to replace but we were fortunate to meet Mr. Mark Heflin of Blacks Tire Service, Inc., who went out of his way to comfort us and find replacements. This act of cooperation was very much appreciated and we left North Myrtle Beach with pleasant memories and look forward to ...

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Raleigh, NC (store 35)

My recent Auto Service at your Raleigh / Millbrook location.

I would like to pay compliment to James your service Manager, Tim, your Auto Tech, and Jerry in sales. These guys have always done a great job for me. They are fair and I know can be trusted.

James and Tim recently helped diagnose a “sticky” drivability issue I was having. It was an intermittent problem. They took the time to find the problem and fix it the first time correctly. I have had experienced parts changers (not in this shop) in the past and it was my pleasure to do business with such capable folks. Tim even stayed late to complete the repair. I would be more than happy to recommend this shop and team to anyone.


Bill S.

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