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Battery and Brakes -- A Big Part of Winter Preparedness

You step on the brake pedal and your car stops. You turn the ignition key and your car starts. Two pretty basic things that we take for granted. Your brakes and Car Battery in Raleigh NCbattery, however, are even more important in winter weather.

Brakes…well, that’s kind of obvious. If you’re driving on snow or slush, your car’s braking and steering performance are already going to be compromised. It just makes sense to get a running jump at winter conditions by making sure that your brakes are in good shape before the weather gets bad.

If you’re noticing problems like longer stopping distances, noise, vibration or a pull to one side while braking or a tendency for one or more wheels to lock up and skid, it might be time for brake work. At least make an appointment with us for a brake inspection! ...

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Winter's Here...Are You Ready with Winter Tires?

You know that we can get some serious winter weather here in North Carolina, even if only for a short time. Are your tires up to the job, if we get a few inches of Winter Tires in Raleigh NCsnow on the ground?

If they’re all-season tires, the answer to that is probably “no.” All-season tires are a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none. They offer low noise, good road manners, handling and ride quality and good traction on dry or wet pavement. Unfortunately, once the snow flies and piles up, all-season tires tend to lose their composure.

Ever considered a set of winter tires?

Winter tires are a far cry from the heavy, noisy, clumsy “snow tires” that were on your dad’s Buick station wagon in the 70s. Today’s winter tires rival the best all-season and passenger tires in ter ...

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Dear Orlando --

          Nearly 14 years ago I brought a car in for "squeaking brakes." Your people came out and said, "We just blew the brake dust out and you'll be fine!" they could have replaced the brakes at over $100.00, and I'd have paid in full, not even knowing the difference.

          I said to myself, "I'm going back to Black!!!"  Integrity!

          Today I brought my 2012 Chrysler 200 in for the same problem, squeaking brakes backing out of the garage.  With nearly 50,000 miles on them, it many be time, but I silently prayed, "Lord please let it be inexpensive!"

          And YOU came back to me with my same story from 14 years ago.  &quo ...

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Careful On Those Autumn Drives!

You’re out for a nice autumn drive, taking in the fall colors…but you need to be careful!


After a rain, a layer of dead leaves on the payment can be downright treacherous and slippery. The water helps the leaves begin to decompose, making them a Driver Safety in Fayetteville NClittle slimy and slick on the underside. That, along with a film of water and a smooth blacktop surface, can be a recipe for trouble.

Here are some suggestions for driving on leaf-covered roadways in the fall months:

--Keep an eye on the road ahead, especially after a rain. If you spot a stretch of pavement that’s covered with leaves, be prepared to slow down.

--Check your tire pressure. In addition to causing premature tire wear and hurting fuel economy, low tire pressure can affect handling ...

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors After Hurricane Matthew

It wasn’t that long ago that Hurricane Matthew blew through and dumped torrential rain and high winds on Eastern North Carolina. The damage was substantial...thousands of people were made homeless, the Tar River, Lumber River and Neuse river were all far out of their banks, and Lumberton, Princeville, Neighbors Help Neighbors | Blacks Tire & Auto ServiceFair Bluff, Kinston and other smaller communities were underwater for days on end.

While state and federal emergency management are certainly a big help in a situation like this, it’s neighbors helping neighbors that really do a lot of the heavy lifting.  And it’s this sort of adversity that brings out the best in many of us, as we all pitch in together to help each other at the local, neighborhood and house-to-house level. In to ...

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