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Careful On Those Autumn Drives!

You’re out for a nice autumn drive, taking in the fall colors…but you need to be careful!


After a rain, a layer of dead leaves on the payment can be downright treacherous and slippery. The water helps the leaves begin to decompose, making them a Driver Safety in Fayetteville NClittle slimy and slick on the underside. That, along with a film of water and a smooth blacktop surface, can be a recipe for trouble.

Here are some suggestions for driving on leaf-covered roadways in the fall months:

--Keep an eye on the road ahead, especially after a rain. If you spot a stretch of pavement that’s covered with leaves, be prepared to slow down.

--Check your tire pressure. In addition to causing premature tire wear and hurting fuel economy, low tire pressure can affect handling ...

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors After Hurricane Matthew

It wasn’t that long ago that Hurricane Matthew blew through and dumped torrential rain and high winds on Eastern North Carolina. The damage was substantial...thousands of people were made homeless, the Tar River, Lumber River and Neuse river were all far out of their banks, and Lumberton, Princeville, Neighbors Help Neighbors | Blacks Tire & Auto ServiceFair Bluff, Kinston and other smaller communities were underwater for days on end.

While state and federal emergency management are certainly a big help in a situation like this, it’s neighbors helping neighbors that really do a lot of the heavy lifting.  And it’s this sort of adversity that brings out the best in many of us, as we all pitch in together to help each other at the local, neighborhood and house-to-house level. In to ...

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Testimonial - Michael Mabe

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to the fine people at Black's Tire.

My wife and I went to pick our son up from Camp Geiger for Thanksgiving and on the way back we had a blow out just passed Exit 228. I think his name was Jason helped us get a rollback to take us to his shop in Whiteville, NC. We had 4 new tires put on in no time and on our way.Can't say enough about our great they are, treated us like we had done busniess all of our lives with them.

What really floored me was they DID NOT over price us being out of towners. So once again I want to say thank you !!!

Michael Mabe

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