auto repair fayettevilleby: Willie Whitewall

Often when we purchase a car we become incredibly preoccupied by external features- color, price, make and model. However, one extremely important aspect to consider is how much the maintaince of a car will cost. It’s easy to look at the car payment and insurance as the only costs that go into a new vehicle; however, this could not be any further from the truth. It is estimated that over four percent of the total investment put into a vehicle is on auto repair and maintenance over the lifetime of a vehicle.

While four percent seems hardly relevant, the average American will spend over $3,300 on auto repair per year, making that measly four percent seem not as small. The best way to help minimize this number is to participate in regular oil changes and filter replacement. The average American only spends $120 annually on minor auto repairs such as these making the larger ones much fewer and far between.  

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