You step on the brake pedal and your car stops. You turn the ignition key and your car starts. Two pretty basic things that we take for granted. Your brakes and Car Battery in Raleigh NC battery, however, are even more important in winter weather.

Brakes…well, that’s kind of obvious. If you’re driving on snow or slush, your car’s braking and steering performance are already going to be compromised. It just makes sense to get a running jump at winter conditions by making sure that your brakes are in good shape before the weather gets bad.

If you’re noticing problems like longer stopping distances, noise, vibration or a pull to one side while braking or a tendency for one or more wheels to lock up and skid, it might be time for brake work. At least make an appointment with us for a brake inspection!

Your battery, on the other hand, is really stressed in cold weather. The battery relies on a chemical reaction to store and deliver an electric charge, and that reaction is slowed to about half its capacity when it’s sub-freezing outside. On top of that, motor oil tends to thicken in cold weather and become more viscous, making it harder for the starter to turn the engine over.

Newer battery designs often just fail without much warning…you come out to start your car one day and it just will no longer start. If you’re noticing a drop in reserve cranking power, slower cranking or other signs of a weakening battery, don’t wait until you’re stranded somewhere. Make an appointment and have that battery checked and replaced if necessary.

At Black’s Tire & Auto Service, we can take care of you on both counts. Our ASE-certified techs can install brake pads on all four wheels if necessary, and we can test your battery and charging system before the snow flies. Don’t take chances this winter…it’s your own safety that’s at stake (well, along with everyone else on the highway). Make an appointment with Black’s Tire & Auto Service soon!