I recently had to face what I thought was going to be a hard task to accomplish and expensive. After having a blowout on the road and arriving home I went to your store on Gillespie Street in Fayetteville. There I met Mr. Boahn, an extremely busy person. I had many questions about tires and he helped me through every step. He made me feel totally at home, and I received from him every confidence in Black’s Tire. I got to see him in action and he dealt with every action at ease and with full confidence. He knows his business, as seen from an outsider.

On my next camping trip I was telling everyone about Danny at Black’s Tire. The second person I talked to he mentioned Danny’s name before I got to it, and said what a great person he is. Danny has a great reputation. I will without hesitation recommend and return to Black’s Tire, due to your Mr. Boahn.

You obviously have a great employee who takes care of business and the customer.


C. M. Wenk, P.E.