I wanted to take the time to say thank you for hiring such a conscientious employee. I was in Fayetteville on a business trip my car broke down. I was out side a local fast food restaurant, just wanting to get back to my hotel. It was well after 530 and while waiting for a tow truck I had asked several people to try and jump my battery. No one seemed to even care long enough to stop and say no. They just walked by. One of your employees from the Ramsey St. Location named Jeff came into get dinner after work, he saw me trying to get help and came over to offer his assistance. I was so grate full. While he jumped my battery, through casual conversation I found out where he worked and his name. I had offered him money and he refused i even offered to buy him dinner he refused. This young gentle man only wanted to make sure a woman from out of town got back on her way safely. There are not many people left in this world that will take time from their busy day to lend a helping hand. Next time i have to travel to Fayetteville I plan on taking my own car instead of the rent a car my company offers just to have it serviced at your store. If your employees are so polite and refined towards a complete stranger I can only imagine the work they must do.

Thank you again

Kathy G.