It is my pleasure to convey GOOD NEWS to your company. Having been in business in the Fayetteville community since 1972 I feel I have the experience and knowledge of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. Customer service is my favorite way to retain customers as well as to generate new business. Apparently Black’s Tire Store also shares in this tool to bring in and keep business in Fayetteville.

Mike King is by far the very best customer service person in the care service industry I have met in my personal and business career. He always takes time with his customers, is WELL informed, works diligently to meet the needs of his customers and extends this attitude to the community as well. He has shown me that as a manager of the store, he has the respect of his workers and has led them to also show respect, gain trust and treat the customers extremely well. I compliment all of them. Mr. King listens to our needs, acts quickly and works to find the best solution to fulfill our auto needs. When I visit the Bordeaux Park Drive office I see that Mike shares this same manner with each one he serves.

One of the best compliments I have found in my banking career is to have a customer refer other customers to you. This week I have done this. I will continue to do so. What is really nice to hear is, when I tell folks about Black’s Tire on Owen Drive, I often get the response, “Oh-you are right-that is where Mike King works. He always does such a great job.” So, it is not just me. Others perceive his great service like I do.

Recently, I attended a function that talked about doing a good job-taking a good picture-seeing a good movie. Then come the after thought-good is good but GREAT is where we all want to be. However, GREAT people and great things come along all too seldom.

MIKE KING IS ONE OF THE GREAT PEOPLE THAT LIVES THRU HIS GREAT SERVICE. His great character and sense of doing the right thing shows in all that I have seen him do.

He has definitely earned my trust as well as many more of the people in our community.

I congratulate Black’s Tire Store and Mike King.


Carolyn Thompkins