I write to offer sincere thanks for helping a family member last Saturday.

My step-son, Kevin, and youngest grandson were traveling thru Florence from Florida to Maryland for the Holidays when he discovered the run flat on his BMW would not “run flat”. When he contacted the BMW support group they told him they would have a tire for him the following Tuesday. At this point he called me and I looked on the internet to find a tire store. My first call was to Sam’s Club but they would have to special order the tire. They recommended another local shop with the same result however they said to call Blacks Tire and gave me the number of one of your stores. I called and the gentleman who answered said they did not have that size but he showed that the shop by the airport did and he gave me that number.

Enter Keith Barker. He answered the phone, checked his stock, gave me the price, and how to find the store and told me to have Kevin call him if there was any problem getting there. All in less than 2 minutes.

I gave Kevin the information and the next call was just over an hour later telling me Keith had finished the service and they would be on the road again in a few minutes.

I have to believe that you take your service motto very seriously when a complete stranger is treated this way. Thank you again and may your New Year be a happy and profitable one.

Tom and Natalie Besanson
Annapolis, Maryland