by: Willie Whitewall


New Eagle GT leads the way in recent media coverage

The new Eagle GT is already garnering attention from various outlets, which have been writing about the high performance tire’s eye-catching tread and sidewall design.

Especially targeted at the “tuner” segment – those who consider their car a form of self-expression and pride – the Eagle GT was described by Performance Auto & Sound magazine as “an ultra-high performance tire, with an aggressive tread and clean sidewalls.”

Mike Maez, of Modified magazine wrote, “While many enthusiasts in our particular market segment (tuner cars, sport compacts) consider the inevitable decision of which tire manufacturer to spend their hard-earned dollars, rarely do they consider Goodyear. With the new Eagle GT, however, Goodyear is aiming to change all of that.”

Additional coverage is expected in several other auto enthusiast magazines, along with key enthusiast websites.

Goodyear Wranglers are early-season winners in off-road competition

For a brand built upon toughness and confidence to “Get there,” Goodyear Wrangler tires continue to hammer home that point with several victories this summer in off-road racing events. Goodyear-equipped vehicles took multiple checkered flags at the World Series of Off-Road Racing (WSORR) in mid-July, as winners included:

Jerry Daugherty             PRO 4×4 series

John Mason                  PRO Super Buggy Race

Tim Moeller                   Formula 4 x 4 division

The July wins followed Goodyear success in the WSORR at the June competition, held at the legendary Crandon Raceway in Crandon, WI. There, Kent Brascho drove his Lucas Oil Goodyear Chevrolet to victory in the 15th Annual Forest County Potawatomi Chairman’s Cup Challenge Race – the first time in more than a decade that Goodyear had won the race.

Other winners included:

Tim Lemon                    PRO Super Buggy

Keith Steele                  SRT Super Stock Truck Class

Goodyear’s many wins are recognized by off-road enthusiasts who consistently compete in the dirt and mud environment and serves as a great testimonial to the Wrangler brand.