Dear Orlando --

          Nearly 14 years ago I brought a car in for "squeaking brakes." Your people came out and said, "We just blew the brake dust out and you'll be fine!" they could have replaced the brakes at over $100.00, and I'd have paid in full, not even knowing the difference.

          I said to myself, "I'm going back to Black!!!"  Integrity!

          Today I brought my 2012 Chrysler 200 in for the same problem, squeaking brakes backing out of the garage.  With nearly 50,000 miles on them, it many be time, but I silently prayed, "Lord please let it be inexpensive!"

          And YOU came back to me with my same story from 14 years ago.  "You have plenty of pads! (But you do need an air filter.)"

          YOU, and Black's have established a rock-solid reputation for INTEGRITY.

          Again, I would have gladly paid to replace the brakes, but you did what was RIGHT, not what was most profitable.  Rest assured you'll be recommended to all my friends. 

In Christ,