On Sept. 29, we had occasion to stop in your lovely town of Lumberton. We were traveling from Washington, D.C., to West Palm Beach, Fla., with show horses when we experienced a flat tire on the horse trailer.

We pulled off the highway at the first available exit and stopped in the largest parking lot available to us, at a restaurant. First we went to the food mart adjacent to the restaurant to check the phone book for some help. The food mart people were friendly and helpful and gave us suggestions as to whom to call.

The restaurant owner, on the other hand, was less than helpful. He came out, screaming, flailing his arms, saying we must leave his area and now! It was not as if his parking lot was going to be overrun with customers at 9:15 a.m.

We obliged him, reloaded all our tire equipment and limped to Wal-Mart. The Service Department there was extremely helpful, even though they did not have the correct tire. They directed us to Black’s Tire Service. The people there assessed the situation, ordered the tire, had it delivered in record time and soon had us and our travel-weary horses on the road again.

We would like to thank the people at the Food Mart, the Service Department at Wal-Mart and most especially the great team at Black’s Tire Service.

So, congrats Lumberton! Three out of four ain’t bad!

Mariyn H.

West Palm Beach, Fla.