Good Morning Ryan,
My name is Stephen Humphrey, and I have been a customer of Blacks ever since you hired Chris Gaskins. I am old-fashioned in the fact that I like to look people in the eye and shake there hand before I trust them and spend my money. I do not have to look Blacks tire in the eye any longer, I know they will take care of me and my family. Just after thanksgiving my daughter was in Wilmington and her car blew a head gasket, after talking with Chris I knew it would not be a good idea to try to drive it back to New Bern, so Chris called around wilmington to see which store was still open and directed us to that store. When my daughter pulled in they were expecting her and took care of her. The next working day a young man named Jason called me to let me know for sure what was wrong, when it would be ready and how much it would cost. It ready on time and the charge did not change, and the work was done very well.
In this day of poor service, you appear to have a corner on the market of good people. All of your employees I have dealt with went out of their way to be friendly and respectful, and at no time did my young daughter think she was not being taken seriously.
It is never pleasant to have to spend large amounts of money, but it was an excellent experience to deal with Blacks tire, and for the stores to work together to take care of an out of town customer. Chris and Jason are outstanding reprsentatives of your Company.

Thanks from a loyal and satisfied customer,

Stephen Humphrey