I live in Winston Salem. In May, 08, I bought two tires at Black Tire in Myrtle Beach. Six months and 7,000 miles later, the tires had no thread. I called a Black tire store in Raleigh, which was closer to where I live and the person I spoke to said to bring the car down and they would take a look at them. I drove to the store on Forum Dr. I expected to at least have the tires prorated. They not only changed the tires, they balanced them and didn’t charge me for the new tires. I did have to pay a difference for a different tire. They offered to drive me to a store around the corner while I waited, however I preferred to walk. They called me on my cell phone when they were finished and waited outside the store for me so I wouldn’t have to walk in the cold. The store is a two hour drive from where I live however I will take the drive when I am ready to buy tires next time. They are wonderful …….

Carol P.