My name is Laura K. and I brought my Toyota Rav4 by way of tow truck on Tuesday, January 19th due to a perfuse oil leakage. I would like to commend Black’s Tire on their excellent customer service, especially by Jerry Culbreth. The problem was thought to be something to do with the crankshaft housing (I think this is what was told to me) anyway; Mr. Culbreth went out of his way to check on recalls and warranty of this part for Toyota, found it was, called a tow truck for me and even called Toyota to discuss the issue. He made the experience a lot better and I felt I was in good hands. The problem ended up being VVT-I tube breaking and leaking and it was indeed a recall by Toyota and they fixed it at no charge to me. Thank you Black’s Tire and especially Jerry Culbreth for going out of your way to help me and to make this experience a lot easier.


Laura K.