I wanted to send a note to let you know about one of your OUTSTANDING employees’, Mr. Jerry Culbreth of your Raleigh, NC tire center. My family and I were stranded on I-95 in Wilson, NC on June 26th due to a second blown tire on our travel trailer (we blew one in Virginia earlier in the day). Mr. Culbeth pulled over just to see if we needed help, he had just finished helping a motorhome that we had passed not 10 minutes before our 2nd tire blew. When Mr. Culbreth pulled over and asked if we needed help, we were so gracious. He offered to go back to his shop and get a new tire to replace our blown tire and we told him that we would rather replace all four tires so he called in to see if he had them and he did, thank God (and Jerry too). We sat on the side of the road with our trailer for a couple of hours waiting for Mr. Culbreth to come back. When he returned, he fixed the blown tire and then had us pull off the next exit to get us out of harms way and then he proceeded to replace the other three tires. I don’t know what we would have done if Mr. Culbreth had not stopped, he was our “GUARDIAN ANGEL” that day, because not one other person or police officer stopped to check on us or help us. We just wanted to let you know what a “VALUABLE, KIND, CONSIDERATE” employee you have in Mr. Culbreth. We have his card and we will keep it in our vehicle because we tend to travel south down I-95 quite a bit and would definitely give him a call if we were ever in trouble. Please know and let him know what a WONDERFUL guy/employee he is. If it weren’t for him, I’m not sure what we would have done because we called “AAA” and they were absolutely NO help to us at all. Thank you for employing such a great person.


Mark & Tammy S.
Glen Burnie, MD