Dear Black’s Tire team,


I don’t even know how I can thank you for the incredible customer service you provided me today.

I have taken my car to numerous (and I mean numerous) auto repair shops up and down the east coast since my car would break down here, there and everywhere, and no service shop that I’ve been to even compares with your team.

Even though it turns out that my car is dying and it would be cheaper to purchase a “new” used car versus getting my current car repaired, at least I got an honest answer and wasn’t what I like to call “swindled” like I usually am at other auto shops – not to stereotype myself, but it seems like a young blond woman like myself can be easily ripped off at auto repair shops since it’s obviously I don’t know jack about cars.

But I didn’t have to worry about that with you. Other shops have diagnosed my car’s problem inaccurately, costing me thousands of dollars for repairs that didn’t even fix the problem. In only an hour, you guys got to the heart of the problem and honored my warranty with Gemini when you could have easily charged me for any additional maintenance checks and labor hours.

I guess the point of my feedback is, thank you so much for the unparalleled professionalism, helpfulness, knowledge, friendliness and overall customer service that I received today.

Even when I left your shop, and offered James a tip for helping me out, he politely refused, saying “we treat our customers like family.”

The closest Black’s Tire is 25 minutes from where I live, and I pass about 15 other auto repair shops on my way to Black’s, but from now on, I will continue to go out of my way to visit your shop for any auto repair services or questions. I’ll also be telling just about everyone I know about how fantastic you guys are.

Thanks again!!


P.S. Special shout out to Jerry, James and Bill who all helped immensely today. I seriously trust you guys and I barely know you. Thank you!