by: Willie Whitewall

Spring has finally arrived! You never thought it would end but spring has finally has finally came, no more harsh wet weather for us. With the warm weather and upcoming spring and summer activities approaching, is your vehicle ready for the extra commutes? If your not sure, visit Black's Tire and Auto Service with over 36 locations spread through out North and South Carolina.

Black's Tire and Auto Service offers among the best in tire and automotive services. With spring here it's time for your vehicles spring auto service. After a whole season of driving your vehicle through cold, wet, and slushy salty roads, it's time to get your vehicle checked for any corrosion or damages.

What some people may not know is that your vehicle can suffer a lot of damages to the engine from the cold temperatures. For instance, in the winter when you turn on your car the engine needs to warm up. Then when you turn on your heater you engine has to work a little harder. If you have to commute everyday that means your engine is going hot to cold every day. With your engine going from hot temps to cold, it can cause damages to your engine, due to the fact that it has to work harder because of the cold.

All of Black's technicians are highly trained, and ASE certified to diagnose and analyze if any damages have been done to your engine. With our preventative maintenance service we will check all aspects of your vehicle from the engine, suspension, steering, brakes, transmission, and much more. All of our technicians are dedicated, honest and hard working to ensure that you vehicle is ready for the upcoming spring and summer commutes.

We also have a wide selection of brand name tires for your spring driving needs. So don't hesitate to come to our shop or visit our site at to browse our wide selection of tires.

If you want a safe and reliable vehicle for the warm season then make sure you visit Black's Tire and Auto service for your spring auto service. With our 36 locations throughout North and South Carolina finding us will be easy. So if you live in the North and South Carolina area and are looking for a truly trustworthy and reliable tire and auto service shop then Black's Tire and Auto Service is the shop for you.