My daughter had a blowout on her way from Atlanta, Georgia on Christmas Eve. It was a long and terrifying time sitting by the highway at night. We had relatives that eventually got to her with a wrecker and put on a spare tire for the rest of her journey the next day. We went to the dealership two days later and they stated the tire was defective (with only 12,000 miles on it) and to go to a Michelin dealer on Highway 17 near 2nd Avenue. Once there, we were told my daughter had damaged the tire and it was not defective and the guy would charge me his discount price of $95.00 to replace it.

We chose to come to your store instead and called the Michelin corporate office on the way. Bob Kuehne assisted us and could not have been more helpful! He was professional, calm, and helped my daughter immediately. He put a brand new tire on, filled out the proper paperwork for the Michelin reimbursement and sent her on her way. I wanted you to know that he is the kind of man anyone would be proud to have working for them. I appreciated his efforts immensely!