I just wanted to write you to inform you of the superior customer service I received at one of your shops today.

I was in Wilmington this afternoon and I needed a set of four new tires and an alignment. I also had over 50,000 miles on my current set, so I was definitely due.

I walked into your store on Market Street, and spoke with a sales representative to obtain a quote. I didn't catch his name, but I believe it started with a "J" (Justin maybe?)...blonde hair....extremely nice. He walked outside and checked my tires for the size, and noted that there had been a cut in my tire that I was not aware of (I had hit a pothole yesterday and the hubcap sliced into the tire without perforating the tire wall). Anyways, he showed it to me and we returned to the store to check prices. Unfortunately, he only had one set of tires in stock in the size I needed, and could not find any others in either the warehouse or another local store that he could put on today.

It has been raining recently and while driving in the rain last night, I repeatedly hydroplaned. There was another rainstorm today, and I was not about to drive again without new tires. I could not afford the tires that your store had in stock, nor could I wait until tomorrow for a less expensive set to come in, and so I thanked him for his time and left. I should note that I had my two children with me (ages 4 and 20 months), and after we left, we walked next door to eat lunch.

After my children and I had lunch, I realized I still had to drive home (about 30 miles) and so I returned to the store to ask if they could rotate the "sliced" tire to the rear since I have front wheel drive. The man I spoke with, Eddie Hardin (I have since learned he is the manager), was extremely polite and very helpful. I told him that I had been in earlier and that I could not afford the tires they had in stock. He asked how bad the cut in my tire was, and I told him what the previous employee had told me. He said that he would "hate to have me drive on a bad tire, and that maybe he could find a used one for me just to get me home." We went outside and looked at the tire, and he said that it would be ok to drive on, however, he "did not want me driving at highway speeds with it on the front and that he would take care of me." He then took my car into the back and asked of the employees to rotate the bad tire to the back, and did not charge me anything for it.

I cannot express how grateful I am, especially as a mother of two very small children, that knowing I was not going to spend money in the store, Mr. Hardin put the safety of my family ahead of his profit margin. While I did not spend any money in the store, I will tell you that you have made a customer. Mr. Hardin's main concern for the safety of my family shows that your store truly cares about its customers and puts them first and foremost. I will let you know that I filled out the customer survey online, and I have "liked" your company on Facebook, as well as plugged Black's Tire Service to my friends and family on Facebook. Further, I will continue to recommend Black's Tire Service. I would like to personally thank the staff at the Market Street store for their customer service. I cannot possibly tell you in words how much your care and concern meant to me and my family, though it may have been insignificant to you.

Thanks for your time.

Andrea M. Nichols