raleigh nc tiresSustaining a vehicle at safe, road-ready conditions involves many components of maintenance and auto repair. Amidst the check-ups and scheduled servicing, vehicle owners easily forget one of the most important safety features of any vehicle- the tires. Consider these helpful tips coupled with the specialized advice and workmanship of Blacks Tire and Auto Service in Raleigh, NC to keeping your vehicle’s tires in optimal condition. Prepare any vehicle for the surprises of road wear and driving with proper tire maintenance and repairs.

Serving Raleigh, NC since 1929 with the highest quality in name brand tires, Black’s Tire and Auto Service knows the best way to maintain a healthy set of tires is through preventative maintenance and customer care. In order to provide top performance and motility for any vehicle’s tires begin with tire pressure. While this tip might seem obvious, according to the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Association 1 in 4 drivers do not have proper tire pressure in their tires. This result contributes to over 200 traffic casualties per year caused by improperly maintained tires.

Tires are estimated to lose nearly 1 psi (pound per square inch) per month, dramatically decreasing steering-power and vehicle control over time if left unattended. Inspect tires externally for cracks or other trauma and never drive without the valve cap secured tightly on the air valve. Consult the specialized technicians of Black’s Tire and Auto Service in Raleigh, NC if tires appear to be wearing unevenly or need servicing. Staying aware of tire conditions is the most important tool for sustaining safe tires. Experience the difference over 85 years of experience in auto repair and tires can provide any vehicle by scheduling an appointment with Black’s Tire and Auto Service.