tires raleigh nc by: Willie Whitewall

Much like your feet become sore after a long walk, tires are gradually worn down over time and with extensive use. This gradual progression is in no way the fault of the driver or indication of driving skills, as all tires eventually wear away with use and should be replaced. Black’s Tire and Auto Service of Raleigh, NC is eager to help customers find the best fit tires for any vehicle and become educated on tips to know when their tires should be serviced or replaced. Having correctly maintained tires is the best safety feature any vehicle owner can provide themselves and their passengers.

The most prominent exterior indication that you should consider purchasing new tires is tread depth. If the tread of your tires falls below 1/16 of an inch, contact Black’s Tire and Auto Service immediately. Another simple notification to see when you might need new tires is the tread wear indication bar. This feature is available in newer tires and becomes more visible as treads wear down allowing the owner to know when replacement is needed.

Worn down the tread on your tires is not the only sign that you need to be in the market for a new set of tires. Be cautious of cracks on the sidewall of the tire as these cracks can grow slowly over time and become very dangerous. Bulges and blisters on the tire can also greatly decrease the life and safety of your tires, increasing the chance of a blowout and a potential wreck. Never ignore the signs above as these are simple problems that can be easily fixed. However, if left unattended can become a much larger problem. Consult the expert technicians of Black’s Tire and Auto Service in Raleigh, NC or any of their other 32 convenient locations. Experience the performance and maneuverability of top quality tires and auto repair at reasonable prices from the trusted mechanics of Black’s Tire and Auto Service.