On the 20th of October 2010, I took my Toyota Tundra to your store on Carolina Beach rd. in Wilmington for tire service.
I was greeted as I came through the entrance with a “Hi there, how are you? How can we be of service?”. I immediately felt like I was important as a customer and not some no name work order. As I waited for the serviceing of my truck, I noticed how clean and orderly the waiting area was and even the men’s room was clean. I was really impressed with how I was kept informed of the progress on my truck by the mechanic and the manager named Carl.
I liked the way Carl talked with the customers, calling them by their first names and makeing them feel as though they are part of the process not someone to just get money from.
In summary the store does a great service to your company by professionalism, great work ethics, and by treating the customers right. I will return and recommend this store to anyone with auto needs. Thanks again.


Jim R.