During our recent travel home from S. Carolina our family experienced a break down, including a flat tire and a release that wouldn’t drop our spare. Stranded on a ramp a concerned fellow from Black Tire Service stopped to lend a hand on his way to work, just as a good Samaritan. Without Jamie Kennedy, coming to our rescue our family (including three small children)would’ve been stuck in an unsafe area for hours. WE are truly grateful for all this great guy did as well as the shop where we received more excellent service. Jamie had a genuine concern for people that you just don’t see everyday. Once at the shop Jimmy Watters jumped up and had a team ready to get us back on the road and home safe quickly. With young children sometimes waiting is difficult, but our wait was short.

What a great team!

Thanks again,                                                                                                                                      

The Waleri family from Ohio in the packed Red
Chevy Tahoe!