Dear Scott,

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help last week. I felt much better about my sons drive back to Georgia, knowing that they were safe. It’s comforting to know that there are businesses out there such as yours, out to take care of customers. When you are in a strange area and you need help, you only hope that you find someone like you. There are so many businesses just out to make a dollar at the customers expense. Your customers in North Carolina are very lucky to have your mechanics working on their cars. I know if I lived closer I would not go anywhere else. I felt very confident at your location that I was not going to pay anymore than I had to, to make the car safe. You could have very well charged me for a tie rod end, that you thought was bent and realized it wasn’t, but there was no way of my knowing that, unless you told me. THANK YOU FOR THAT. Your mechanics found the problem in 5 minutes, that no one else could, not even my trusted ASE certified mechanic in MD. in December 08. This tells me that you have real mechanics, not just parts changers working at your location. Well done guys.

Hope you enjoy the care package. Next time we are at Topsail Island we will stop by to say hi.

Thanks again,

Lee B.

Napa Auto Parts of Charles County, MD.