Jeremy, we met in Sumter a few months ago, and I had mentioned a specific problem we had with a vehicle in Wilmington some time before.  You were unhappy with my comment and followed up with my GM and your store and I wanted to follow up with you and tell you that I had a similar incident this week with a van – it died at the hotel my guys were staying at with a suspected engine failure.
I called Jimmy Waters for assistance and from that point on – Jimmy (and possibly his crew) did an absolutely wonderful job for me.  He recognized that his location could not handle the type of failure we had, contacted multiple people in and out of your organization and found a person to repair for us.  In addition he coordinated the towing, the follow up and really made it extremely easy for me to do business with him and ultimately billed it through the Goodyear national account.  I heard you speak highly of the group and specifically Jimmy while you were here and understood this was your expectations, but this type of action, exemplifies what you were saying and without a doubt supports that I picked the right company to deal through. We have a shutdown going on in about 8 locations and it was sure nice to see someone’s comments to me be truly supported by walking the talk, that many times I do not see.   I am in hopes that the e-mail address I have chosen is the correct one for Jimmy – if not please pass on to him my thanks and support for future business.
Jeff Hall
Thompson Industrial Services
Maintenance Manager