I wanted to take a moment to tell you about some wonderful customer service i had. I have recently moved to Wilmington, NC and as any car guy knows it takes time to find a good shop. I called and checked prices and blacks was within a reasonable amount on the tires I wanted versus anything I could find on the internet. Bingo so I found a shop with good prices. When I came by last Saturday to get my cooper zeon tires on the staff was very very helpful. I then asked about sliding an exhaust system in, (hey the wife had approved the tires so why not slide an exhaust system in ). So they put me in touch with John who is a mechanic / exhaust tech who works there and he explained to me some options. I had remebered him from a earlier phone conversation where he discussed at length the lift’s available for my 2007 dodge ram. He let me hear the system on his ram and then took me for a ride so I could see what it sounded like on the highway. This is above and beyond what most other shops had ever done and he didnt think twice about it. So i trusted his experience and went with his suggestion. When we got done we thought it was too quiet so he removed the resonator, after a few days of driving it the MDS drone made me hope I could get a quick fix before the Thanksgiving holiday. I called John at lunch today and he said he could get me outta there by 6 if I got in by 430. I got there at 435 and my truck was being pulled around at 441. Amazing! All said I was out the door at 530 with my previous removed part reinstalled and happy to have some rumble in my exhaust but a more enjoyable cruising tone.
I wanted to take a moment to thank all your staff however espically John, he was very helpful, patient, knowledgeable, provided amazing customer service and ultimately totally understanding when two days later I had a part reinstalled that I just had removed.

Please pass along my thank you to him, this car guy has found a shop and mechanic in Wilmington and is a happy guy.

Thanks again,

Alan P.