Winter’s on its way, and in many parts of the country that will mean snow and ice. Are your tires ready for winter weather? Tires in Raleigh, NC

Winter conditions and cold weather are tough on all the systems in your car. The battery and starting system, fuel system, suspension and drivetrain are all affected by winter weather. You can up your odds of coming through winter OK, though, if you just observe some basics in regards to your tires. 
  • All four tires should be the same brand, or at least the same tread pattern, type and size. Mismatched tires can result in jittery, “squirrelly” handling that is hard to eradicate. 
  • Get in the habit of checking your tire inflation. Low tire pressure wears tires prematurely and costs you in terms of fuel consumption. It’s even more important in the winter, because as the temperatures drop, your tires lose air pressure. Check the air pressure every couple of weeks at least, during winter months. 
  • Check your tires for uneven tread wear and for tread depth. Your tires’ minimum depth by state law should be 2/32” – it’s easy to check this tread depth by inserting a penny into the tread grooves, Lincoln’s head down. If the tread reaches the top of Lincoln’s head, your tires are at minimum depth. Truthfully, though, tires that are at 2/32” or even 4/32” tread depth are going to be pretty worthless in snow. If they’re that worn, it’s time to think about replacement before the weather gets bad. 
  • You might consider winter tires; quality winter tires can offer significantly better traction and control than all-season tires. That means better turning, shorter braking distances and more predictable handling. Just remember that winter tires aren’t designed to be used at temperatures greater than 40 degrees – their softer tread compounds will soon start to wear excessively in warmer temperatures. 
Some people look forward to snow and cold weather, and others can’t stand it. For your car, it’s a real strain…and at worst, it’s downright dangerous. While you’re getting everything prepared, make sure you don’t skip over the tires. Give us a call and make an appointment with Black’s Tire & Auto Service in Raleigh, NC and let us help you make sure you’re prepared!