Oil Changes

You probably heard it from your dad when you got your first car: “Make sure you get your oil changed every 3,000 miles if you want to make that car last!”

It was true then and while the “3,000 mile rule” might be outdated, it’s still true today.

Apex, NC Oil Changes & Oil Filter Replacements

Your engine’s internal parts run on extremely close clearances with each other, and rely on a film of motor oil to protect and cut friction. Oil disperses heat and cuts wear, but it will naturally begin to pick up carbon, water vapor, acids and other contaminants from the combustion process. Detergents and other dispersants in oil will suspend particles so they can be trapped in the engine’s oil filter, until the filter’s paper pleats are too saturated to absorb any more.

Without regular oil changes, carbon and water vapor will start to form sludgy accumulations on engine parts, speeding up wear.

Oil Changes in Apex, NC

Today’s formulations of conventional motor oil can easily go 6,000 miles between oil changes without any loss of engine protection. Synthetic motor oil, while more expensive, can go 12,000 miles or more before it needs to be changed (always check your owner’s manual for manufacturer’s recommendations).  For older vehicles, a good compromise is high-mileage synthetic blend oil. Synthetic blend contains seal conditioners to swell leaky, shrunken gaskets and friction/viscosity modifiers to help compensate for worn engine tolerances.

Synthetic is now recommended for all new engines. It outperforms conventional oil in every respect, both in testing and real-world service. Synthetic oil is more stable at the molecular level; it won’t thin out at high temperatures or thicken in cold weather. This is especially important at startup, when oil needs to quickly circulate and reach upper engine assemblies.

Blacks Tire and Auto Service offers Oil Changes in Apex, NC

At Black’s Tire and Auto Service in Apex, NC, our ASE-certified technicians can perform oil changes on about any make or model, foreign or domestic. Your dad was right – if you want to hang onto that car for a long time, make an appointment with us and make oil changes a part of your car’s regular routine maintenance regimen. Your car will thank you! 

Blacks Tire and Auto Service provides high quality oil changes and oil filter replacements in Apex, NC at a price you can afford. Schedule an appointment for your next oil change today! Blacks Tire and Auto Service is proud to be your number one auto repair shop and provider of tires in Apex, NC.

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