Oil Changes

Inside your car’s engine are hundreds of moving parts that all have to operate on extremely close tolerances with each other. These moving parts rely on a film of lubrication to cut friction and premature wear – without it, friction would soon cause the engine to overheat to a point where parts actually melt and weld to each other, seizing the engine.

Jacksonville, NC Oil Changes & Oil Filter Replacements

Motor oil cools and disperses heat, but over time it picks up microscopic metal particles from normal wear, reducing its lubricating properties. Also, the engine’s combustion process generates a great deal of carbon , acids and water vapor, which begin to contaminate the oil. If left for too long, these

Oil Changes in Jacksonville, NCcan break down oil and start to accumulate as sludgy carbon deposits on crucial assemblies.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your engine receives oil changes on a regular interval.

Years ago, quick-change shops and dealerships pushed the “3,000 mile rule” for oil changes. Today’s improvements in conventional motor oil have enabled that number to be pushed up to 5,000 miles without any loss in engine protection. For high-mileage vehicles, synthetic blend oils are available. High-mileage synthetic blend motor oil contains friction modifiers for the looser tolerances of a worn engine and seal conditioners that can expand gaskets and seals that may have dried and shrunk over time.

The jury is in, though. Testing and real-world experience have shown that synthetic motor oil outperforms conventional oil in just about every respect. At the molecular level, synthetic motor oil is more stable, meaning it won’t thin out at extreme heat and won’t become more viscous in cold weather. This is especially important at startup, when oil needs to quickly circulate to upper engine assemblies. That’s why manufacturers now recommend synthetic motor oil for just about all new vehicles.

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