Power Steering Repair

Black's Tire and Auto Service can "steer" you in the right direction when it comes to fixing power steering or suspension systems. We provide complete steering and suspension systems service!

What You Need To Know About Power Steering Repair

Originally developed for drivers of heavy-duty trucks, power steering has been a desirable option for cars since the 50s and has been standard equipment for most vehicles since the 70s. Power steering uses a pump, driven by a belt from the engine’s front pulleys, and hydraulic pressure to assist the steering mechanism and cut the amount of effort needed to turn the front wheels. Try turning the front wheels while the engine is off, and you can see how much difference power steering really makes!

Many newer vehicles have switched over to an electrically-operated power steering mechanism, which cuts parasitic drag on the engine and helps enhance “road feel.” Most vehicles, however, still use a hydraulic pump driven by the engine’s serpentine belt.

Signs of a failing power steering pump can include:

  • Leaks from the pump (power steering fluid is slippery to the touch and a translucent yellowish color)
  • Whining, whirring or growling noise as you turn the front wheels
  • Steering wheel is slow to respond or feels “disconnected” from your inputs
  • Steering wheel feels stiff, if only intermittently, and may require more effort to turn
  • Squealing  noise from serpentine belt while engine is running, or while making a turn
  • Low groaning noise while turning

It’s important to know that operating the vehicle with low power steering fluid levels can be very harmful not only to the pump but to the pump’s hydraulic lines and the steering box or steering rack. Power steering is an essential part of your vehicle’s steering mechanism and can’t be neglected if it starts to fail.

Why should I have the power steering system flushed?
A: Power steering systems subject power steering fluids to high temperatures and pressures, causing oxidation, fluid deterioration and eventually breakdown, reducing lubricity while accumulating contaminants, varnish deposits as well as abrasive wear metals and debris that grind seals, valves, and friction surfaces. Lack of maintenance can inhibit steering, cause leaks and premature unit failure.
What are the benefits of flushing my power steering system?
The benefits include…
  • Removal of contaminants, deposits, wear metals and debris
  • Reduction in wear, premature component failure, valve sticking and squeal
  • Restores quiet, smooth, uniform steering control, lubricity
  • Provides safe, secure steering

At Black’s Tire & Auto Service, any power steering pump replacement will come with a complete flush of the power steering system to eliminate any old, contaminated fluid, and an inspection of the steering rack, steering linkages and serpentine belt. Power steering units usually last the life cycle of the vehicle, but not always! If you’re noticing any of the above symptoms, don’t hesitate – make an appointment with us at Black’s Tire & Auto Service, at any of our locations around North Carolina. 

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