"Black's Has Your Back!"
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I just wanted to thank Brian and Cory at your Oleander drive location for helping us. We live in Los Angeles California and were in town for our mothers funeral.

Cory weathered the cold and tried his best to get my brothers car started after it stalled out at the Kangaroo gas station across the street.

Thank you again for helping me in my time of need.


The hit and run accident we were involved in was one of the scariest things I have ever been a part of.  It is nothing short of a miracle that my brother, my 12 year old daughter, and myself are all alive today.

You went above and beyond your job to get our car fixed and back on the road, knowing that we had no where to sleep and no money for another night at the hotel.

The words "Thank You" are not even good enough to express how grateful we are to you and all of the staff at Black's!  Thank you ALL so very much!


Just wanted to let you know what a fine job Jonathan Ransom on Gillespie St. does for you.

He is courteous, knowledgeable and a true professional.

He is a real asset to Black's Tire and Auto Service and we just wanted to let you know.

-Art & Linda Moore

I experienced a catastrophic problem with my car on Friday afternoon, 20 July 2012, and after calling numerous repair facilities, the only shop willing to see me was your shop on Skibo Road in Fayetteville. I have never had to deal with this kind of problem before and I was very upset. My closest family is five hours away so they were not going to be of timely help. The managers at Skibo Road assisted me in getting to the shop, did a thorough diagnostic on my car and test drove it but were unable to locate or duplicate the problem. While driving home, the problem reoccurred, but I called the shop and
both Craig Lancaster and Wes Talbott reassured me and set up an appointment for the following morning.

On Saturday, the problem reoccurred and I was unable to turn the car on. Wes came out personally and escorted me back to the shop where the mechanics discovered the problem, gave me an estimate for repairs and a realistic prognosis for the long term performance of my car.

I would personally like to thank you for hiring such a dedicated and courteous group of gentlemen that helped me through this crisis. They are more than a credit to your company; they are a direct indicator of the professionalism, high standards of excellence and ethical foundation of your company as well as a great example of how businesses should interact with their customers.

Because of the way I was treated, I now feel like I have some new “brothers and dads” in the Fayetteville area and you have a new customer for life. I know I will leave someone out but it truly was a “shop effort” and all should be commended. Those I remember are: Wes Talbott, Craig Lancaster, and Larry Fiero.

-Rachel E. Baldwin
I was in the Monroe NC store yesterday for an oil change and tire rotation, and let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more pleased. I wish I could remember the names of all they guys I talked to, everyone was so courteous and professional I didn’t feel like I was being taken advantage of, which is very important for a single woman. They are all so helpful, and want to make sure that your vehicle is taken care of. The new waiting area in the store is fabulous, and whoever makes the coffee gets a big thumbs up!!!
- Deborah H.

Hey there!  A huge thanks to you and your staff for taking care of my Infinity (the one with that aweful LSU sticker on it “GEAUX TIGERS”)!!!!  I know it was a long time on your lot and I know how hard you worked to figure out the problems!  Although It was a bummer to break down on vacation, we couldn’t have found nicer people to leave the car with .  Again, many thanks and God Bless!

BTS #8- Shallotte

-Kirsten Larue

While on my way back from myrtle beach to ma.on 7/13/12 yes friday the 13th ,around noon, I got a flat on 302 in dillon sc. not knowing the area AAA found your dillon shop, it was only about 15 min from where I was. I was prepared to pay out the nose.But to my surprise I was treated to the most profesional and kind people I have dealt with,there was a thunder storm so they had me pull it in a bay so we could unload our luggage.before I could open my laptop, the tire was fixed and charged only #20.00. i attempted  to give them a little extra the would not take it .well I had to write to let you know what kind of workers you have there. please thank them again for me and my family ,because that could have turned a 17 hr drive ino a lot more I will let AAA know how great you were.all my thanks .Steven Allain,Auburn Ma.


-Steven Allain

I had my four tires replaced yesterday at your Oleander Wilmington site.  I am writing to let you know that the service was fantastic.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Brian Phillips and must say he was friendly, knowledgeable and patient.  You are lucky to have such an outstanding employee.  Thank you Brian.

-Marie Reis

Today, June 23, we were traveling in Wilmington from Ohio.We had used the valet service at our hotel for parking our 1990 Corvette.  The valet's were not familiar with the correct procedure for disengaging the parking brake on the car.  Consequently, the brake was frozen in place.  We contacted Triple A for assistance, they put us in touch with a Car Care store.  Unfortunately, the lady who answered the phone there was not able to help us, but she sent us to your Market Street location, explaining that her husband works there and she would call him to explain our problem.  Upon our arrival, Jason Mills spoke with my husband and arranged for a mechanic to remove the back wheels of our car.  My husband was then able to direct the mechanic, Jeff, on the procedure for loosening the parking brake. (This was not the first time we had this problem!) In no time, we were back on the road. Both Jason and Jeff were very  helpful and most gracious about assisting us.  You are fortunate to  have such a professional and conscientious staff.  I am pleased to submit this review of their service.


-Rebecca Crowell

On Saturday I brought my wife's van in to get two new tires, oil change, balance etc. I spent about $400. Staff was very pleasant, shop clean and professional. Got the van home and a few hours later wife called me outside and both tires were totally flat. Tried to get someone on phone and finally did. They sent their tow guy out and he discovered the problem and was nice and professional and explained everything. I was impressed with the concern and desire to correct the problem not only he showed, but that of management who were on the phone with him and myself during this time. Arrangements were made at their suggestion that my wife bring vehicle into shop first thing on Monday and they would take her back to work and drop off van when done. They discovered they selected the wrong size valve or o-ring. I want to thank the Black's Tire employees, company, and management for showing their care for not only their work, company image, but for their customers. This is lost on so many in today's day and age. This was my first time as a customer of yours and with the mistake could have been the last, but I was so impressed by your commitment to excellence and make it right attitude, that you will have my business again and I will recommend. Way to turn a negative into a positive for not only your business, but for this customer and his family. Cheers.

-George and Karen Potwin

I was traveling 74 west near Wadesboro,when one of my right rear tire blew. I was loaded pretty heavy and was afraid to travel any further. I called a number from the Black's Tire business card that I picked up from the Monroe store several months ago. Within a short while the service truck arrived. The mechanics name was Chris. He was very courteous and professional.From the time he stepped out of his truck until he stepped back in, he worked diligently to change out my tire and get me going again. It was like he was working on his own truck and that his own time and money was being lost. Within minutes, I was back on the road. Thank you Chris and Black's Tire for a great job.

-Chris Prince

I recently had a very pleasant experience while shopping for tires. I stopped at Blacks Tire Service on Raeford Road to inquire about prices. I was so impressed with the gentleman, Ryan Noble that I bought and had my tires installed on the spot. He advised me on what tire might be best suited for my particular vehicle and the type driving I normally incurred.  Ryan was very courteous, helpful and professional and because of his knowledge and excellent customer service I bought from Blacks Tire rather than continue my search for the best price. Ryan thank you again for your wonderful service.   

-Smokey Craver

Just a quick message to let you know that Wes White and the New Bern Blacks in front of Wal-Mart are a top notch organization. I have trusted them with my wifes vehicle as I deploy about every 6 months. The service is stellar, timely and always high quality. Wes backs up their work and anything the sell. It reminds me of the service stations I grew up going to with my dad!

-Jason Cabbage

I would like to express my thoughts about one of your locations in Wilmington NC.I have been to many auto service and tire shops around the Wilmington area and I think I have found a home for my vehicle needs.The store on Castle Hayne road had the most pleasant and helpful staff at the front counter and was able to take care of my needs with very fair pricing and in a very fair amount of time for what I needed done. It starts at the counter but the guys in the shop were very quick and did an absolutely great job on my vehicle. Thanks to all the castle hayne staff for making it happen.


I lost a tire on my motor home at Camp Lejeune this week. The BX referred me to you and I got Robbie. Outstanding service and so very responsive to my needs.


It gets better: today, Eric Hodge came to change and mount the new tire. What an outstanding man and such a great Ambassador of your company. He was so very nice and pleasant to chat with yet he never stopped. He was fluid motion from setting up, safety glasses, mounting the tire and checking for leaks and even showed me the gauge to affirm the pressure I told him I wanted. When he finished he was meticulous in reorganizing his truck and making sure I was happy. I sure am happy!


Meeting Eric almost made me forget that I just spent $600 for a tire!


Thanks very much! Steve 

-Steve & Danièle Johnson

Our recent shopping experience at the Skibo Road store for new tires was excellent. Craig Lancaster was not only professional and great on a personal level, the entire crew worked together to get us the best deal on new tires in a very timely manner.
Thank you for good customer service.

-Karin Speas

I was recently vacationing in Myrtle Beach and had a fender bender.  I took my car to Black's tire.  Ed Fay had locked the building and was leaving for the day.  I caught him in the parking lot and he went back in to the shop to get a rip tie for my bumper.  I traveled over 600 miles...safely...because of Ed's superior work ethic and kindness.  If I ever need anything while at the beach, I will surely look Ed up!


Jason and all of the Black's family,


We just want to say "thank you" for always making sure our vehicles are safe and good to take us where we need to go. Your kindness and honesty make our car repair experiences much easier. We really do tell everyone to "GO TO BLACK'S!!!"


With gratitude,


Rachel and Randy Fox

-Rachel and Randy Fox

My family and I were at Ocean Isle Beach last weekand my son was involved in an auto accident. You were so kind to us and fixed his bent wheel. He drove his car the rest of the week and then home. Thank you so much Kyle!!

-Brenda Coulthard

I recently just went into blacks tire on Raeford Road for an oil change and I just want to say that the guy I believe his name was Ryan, and the young lady Amy was extremely kind and very professional! I recommend that team of professionals to anyone. Thanks so much


Last Friday afternoon, I discovered that I had severely damaged 2 tires on my Honda S2000 the night before and was directed by personnel from Advance Auto to your store in N. Myrtle Beach. I met your Mr. Ken Nobles who was most helpful and made the tire purchase event the most pleasant in my 65 year old life.By Saturday morning at 8:30 am I was on my way home with 4 new tires. At most places it had been my experience that I would have to order the unique tire sizes and wait up to a week for them to arrive.
Thanks for the help.


-Richard Brooks

I like to report to you that todays service from Blacks Tire on Gillespie St was outstanding. The customer service was sincere, professional and put the customers best interest first. My husband was very happy with the service and said the crew at this store takes pride in delivering high quality service.I am giving J.J. Pendarvis and the work crew all AAAAAAAAAAAAs.


  Thank You

-Deborah Jordan

I just wanted to write you to inform you of the superior customer service I received at one of your shops today.


I was in Wilmington this afternoon and I needed a set of four new tires and an alignment. I also had over 50,000 miles on my current set, so I was definitely due.


I walked into your store on Market Street, and spoke with a sales representative to obtain a quote. I didn't catch his name, but I believe it started with a "J" (Justin maybe?)...blonde hair....extremely nice. He walked outside and checked my tires for the size, and noted that there had been a cut in my tire that I was not aware of (I had hit a pothole yesterday and the hubcap sliced into the tire without perforating the tire wall). Anyways, he showed it to me and we returned to the store to check prices. Unfortunately, he only had one set of tires in stock in the size I needed, and could not find any others in either the warehouse or another local store that he could put on today.


It has been raining recently and while driving in the rain last night, I repeatedly hydroplaned. There was another rainstorm today, and I was not about to drive again without new tires. I could not afford the tires that your store had in stock, nor could I wait until tomorrow for a less expensive set to come in, and so I thanked him for his time and left. I should note that I had my two children with me (ages 4 and 20 months), and after we left, we walked next door to eat lunch.


After my children and I had lunch, I realized I still had to drive home (about 30 miles) and so I returned to the store to ask if they could rotate the "sliced" tire to the rear since I have front wheel drive. The man I spoke with, Eddie Hardin (I have since learned he is the manager), was extremely polite and very helpful. I told him that I had been in earlier and that I could not afford the tires they had in stock. He asked how bad the cut in my tire was, and I told him what the previous employee had told me. He said that he would "hate to have me drive on a bad tire, and that maybe he could find a used one for me just to get me home." We went outside and looked at the tire, and he said that it would be ok to drive on, however, he "did not want me driving at highway speeds with it on the front and that he would take care of me." He then took my car into the back and asked of the employees to rotate the bad tire to the back, and did not charge me anything for it.


I cannot express how grateful I am, especially as a mother of two very small children, that knowing I was not going to spend money in the store, Mr. Hardin put the safety of my family ahead of his profit margin. While I did not spend any money in the store, I will tell you that you have made a customer. Mr. Hardin's main concern for the safety of my family shows that your store truly cares about its customers and puts them first and foremost. I will let you know that I filled out the customer survey online, and I have "liked" your company on Facebook, as well as plugged Black's Tire Service to my friends and family on Facebook. Further, I will continue to recommend Black's Tire Service. I would like to personally thank the staff at the Market Street store for their customer service. I cannot possibly tell you in words how much your care and concern meant to me and my family, though it may have been insignificant to you.


Thanks for your time.

-Andrea M. Nichols

Cheers to Black's Tire on Ramsey Street. I went there to get a tire repaired.

They told me the tire was fine, and the valve stem was leaking. They fixed it with no charge! I will definitely return for future services and repairs.

-Alexis Crabtree

I am writing this email to notify you of the outstanding Customer Service that I received from Debbie Ladd in Wilmington NC.  She is extremely professional and provides courteous and knowledgable service.  Because of her, my family and friends have and will continue to utilize Black's Tire for all our Autmobile Needs.

-Cindi Moore

I have been going to Blacks Tire for over 10 years.  I have gone through numerous vehicles but have not changed where I bring them to be fixed or for just rountine maintance.When I first moved to the beach I was taken advantage by one of the other companies, one that was referred to me, I feel it was because I am a single female who didn't know any better.  Blacks on 3rd Avenue have always been very friendly and honest about the repairs I need.  I will continue to bring ALL my vehicles to ONLY them.

-Debbie C

Sitting waiting on my cars oil change. Have been here before and I have to say, EVERYONE does an exceptional job. From sandy on the desk to ken and all of the machanics. We are lucky to have such an efficient and honest repair co. here. I've gotten tires, and several oil changes. Time for brakes and I will be back!

-BTS #7 North Myrtle Beach

-Randi Rimedio

I just wanted to say that Randy in the Apex, NC auto center is absolutely wonderful. His commitment to providing great customer service is not something you see quite often unfortunately. He is so pleasant and warm. Being a female, a lot of auto repair places seem to take advantage of women because some are not that in "tune" with all that may be going on with their vehicle. It has been a long time if ever that I can remember, where honesty and a willingness to solve mechanical issues is done daily and everyone is fairly charged. I feel confident that all work done on my car is done properly and is performed with care. Though I have not met all the mechanics where I take my car, I want them to know that their hard work and commitment to provide all their customers with great service is truly appreciated by all. I definitely recommend Black's Tire to all that ask about getting their vehicle serviced. They are truly awesome!!!!!!  


BLACK’s Tire,

I just wanted to let you know I had a gret experience the other day from your store over on Ramsey Street here in Fayetteville, NC. I bought some Tires and I am very pleased with the whole process.

Kristen and Tommy were very helpful, professional and just all around pleasant to talk too.


-1LT James G.
2-508th PIR
Fort Bragg, NC
I had my car served and bought two tires. The serviced man worked had to get me within three dollars of another Quoited price I had. Need more service men like Evertt Pressley. I will return next month to get two more tires. The customer service was great.
-Kenneth M.

On vacation from Jacksonville nc to myrtle beach.. brought my old truck.. as soon as I got to myrtle beach seen I had an issue with the truck.. The GREAT people at the North Myrtle Beach Blacks Tire made me feel like family, they took my truck in the first thing the next morning and did not stop until they made my truck right and were more than professional and kind.. they knew I was on vacation and made it their mission to take care of me so my vacation was not ruined... These people are FANTASTIC  and I thought you should know just what a good group of people you have representing you in North Myrtle Beach

-Pamela Bodnar

Once again, thank you so much for fixing my car on a Holiday, when it was not pre-booked, and in such a timely manner. I tell everyone I know that you are the first honest repair shop I have ever dealt with. You made my day and I will continue to spread the word as to just how great you are!

-Mary Jo Fish