Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance for commercial fleets and vehicles is determined by several factors. The main cause of failure in a tire is the friction from moving contact with road surfaces. This causes the tread on the outer perimeter of tires to eventually wear away. When the tire become too shallow, the tire is worn out and should be replaced.


Other problems we encounter with tire maintenance include:

  • Accelerated or uneven tire wear. (Usually caused by under-inflation, overload or bad wheel alignment)
  • Increased wear on a tire facing the outside or the inside of a car. (Often a sign of bad wheel alignment)
  • The tread becomes completely worn away. (Especially when the wear on the outer rubber of the tire exposes the reinforcing threads within. Otherwise known as “bald”)
  • Holes or leaks in tires, through which the air inside leads out resulting in a flat tire.
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