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Did you know there are several facts that can help prevent transmission failures?

  1. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) fails when it becomes oxidized, which weakens the protective qualities.
  2. HEAT – caused by driving in hot weather, pulling a load, driving at high speeds and driving in city traffic. All of these speed up the oxidation process.
  3. There is no test to show when your ATF will fail due to oxidation, but when it happens, it happens fast. Transmission failure is soon to follow.
  4. You can sometimes tell when the oxidation is talking over; there is an annoying shudder when the transmission changes gears. Note: the shudder does not always occur or is not noticeable.
  5. Regular ATF changes increases the life of your transmission just like regular oil changes increase the life of your engine.
  6. Traditional ATF (fluid and filter) changes only remove about 30% of your old ATF, leaving 70% of your ATF with oxidized fluid.
  7. The new method of changing the ATF makes the job much more thorough thanks to: EVER-Wear (trademark).




Transmission Services

Aside from the engine, the automatic transmission is the most complex and most expensive part of your vehicle. Automatic transmissions have improved a great deal in reliability and efficiency, but they still need maintenance, and regular flushes and refills of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) are one of the best things you can do for your car’s transmission.

ATF cools and lubricates internal parts and helps transfer torque throughout the unit. Heat is the enemy of ATF, however; especially if your vehicle is used for severe duty such as towing or hauling heavy loads, heat can break down ATF to a point where it oxidizes and loses its effectiveness.

Even if you don’t subject your vehicle to severe usage, ATF will still break down and pick up contaminants. That’s why it’s essential to flush the system and start over with fresh fluid; if left too long, contaminants and varnish-like deposits can clog internal hydraulic circuits and cause transmission failure.

If you’re noticing problems such as:

  • Delayed shifts
  • Harsh shifts
  • Delayed engagement
  • Transmission slippage

Don’t delay! Your transmission needs diagnosis and repair or maintenance work, and a transmission flush and refill should be the first step.

Pull your transmission dipstick and examine the fluid. It should be clean, clear and magenta-colored. ATF that is darker and has a burnt toast smell to it should be changed right away.

Get Quality Transmission Services at Black's Tire and Auto Service

While the service intervals for transmission fluid changes can vary from one make to another, it’s not something to put off. If you’re not sure how long it’s been since your transmission was serviced, make an appointment with us at Black’s Tire & Auto Service and let us take it from there!  

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